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Limcroma Safaris Video Newsletter 2021
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Firehuntfish 30-Jan-21
Buffalo1 30-Jan-21
Firehuntfish 01-Feb-21
bowbender77 01-Feb-21
Chief 419 01-Feb-21
Flincher 01-Feb-21
Firehuntfish 02-Feb-21
From: Firehuntfish

Firehuntfish's Link
We at Limcroma Safaris are excited to begin welcoming guests back into camp once again. Please enjoy our latest video:

From: Buffalo1
I can't get link to open !

From: Firehuntfish
Just checked the link and it works fine for me... This is a link to FB video. It's possible that your device might be blocking certain sites?

From: bowbender77
Warmest regards to all the fine folks at Limcroma Safaris. A wish for 2021 to be the turning point to a great year for one and all, and many more to follow.

From: Chief 419
I really need to get back over there one of these years.

From: Flincher
Is there anything to the rumor that the USFWS is proposing a new ban of trophy imports from Africa? I understand that there is a travel ban currently in place to South Africa. Is that correct?

From: Firehuntfish
I have not heard of any new rumor regarding the ban of trophy imports from Africa. The new Administration is proposing a LOT of things, and it is impossible to know what is a priority and what is just more of the same rhetoric. As of now, there is no ban on importing the vast majority of the most popularly hunting species in Africa into the USA.

In regard to the travel ban, that is specific to South African citizens wanting to enter the USA. There is no ban on US citizens traveling to and returning from South Africa. There are covid restrictions in place that will require US citizens to have a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of departure. The same regulations will apply to return to the USA as well. We are currently using a couple of convenient testing facilities near our lodges that will be able to perform these tests and have the results returned in plenty of time for your departure home. We have been using this process with our guests for a couple of months now, and it has been surprisingly easy and convenient.

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