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Anyone own a Bulldog target?
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midwest 30-Jan-21
SteveB 30-Jan-21
Stuart 31-Jan-21
Bou'bound 31-Jan-21
craigmcalvey 31-Jan-21
midwest 31-Jan-21
APauls 31-Jan-21
chesapeakeborn 31-Jan-21
jwellsvt 31-Jan-21
SteveB 31-Jan-21
skull 31-Jan-21
midwest 01-Feb-21
JAGER 05-Feb-21
squid 05-Feb-21
From: midwest
I like the sizes they offer and blank face.

Anyone have one and care to share a review?

From: SteveB
I have one but haven’t had long term using it. That said, I REALLY like it. Heavy duty and very well made with lifetime guarantee. For the price I got during COVID with free delivery it was a no brainer. Not sure how you can go wrong. I got the bigger one and it is a bit heavy.

From: Stuart
I have one and love it. They are heavy as heck to move, but it also makes for a solid target when you shoot at it. I have only used mine inside. Removing arrows is almost a joke, as they come out so easy. Mine has the dots on one side and deer vitals on the back. For a non-3d target and to shoot field points, I don’t think you can beat it.

From: Bou'bound
No. That’s crazy. I have a wolf 3D target and coyote but no bulldogs.

Can broadheads be used, or just field points?

From: craigmcalvey
What models are you guys using inside? I need to replace the target on my indoor range.

From: midwest
fp only

From: APauls
I’ve got a beef with the owner as he’s from Winnipeg but no one wins in online pissing contests so I’d basically never slander another person online.

one year now , love it

From: jwellsvt
Use one in my cellar. Heavy duty and extremely easy to pull your arrow out. Two fingers.

From: SteveB
I got the DogHouse XP and it was $110 delivered to my door. FP only.

From: skull
I have one for about 6/7 years or more I’m very happy with it,

From: midwest
Thanks for the input, guys.

I've had a Bulldog Plus for 6 years and last summer had to replace the face. It only cost me $20.00 for the shipping. installing the cover was a 10 minute job and the target is as good as new. Love this target

From: squid
I have one that I bought last year, its a double dog 24X36. Put over 2000 shots into it and its held up well. The customer service is not great, they are not very responsive. I have worn out both covers and have some soft spots in the target starting to form. The lifetime warranty is kind of a joke as they want $65 to cover shipping.

I'm sure I will get many years out of this target, but if I had my choice again, I would buy from a US company and look more into the warranty.

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