Kifaru nomad setup help
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From: Scoot
I've got an original Kifaru Nomad on a Bikini frame (I know... I'm so old school!) with a Guide Lid and a Grab-it. I love this setup in many ways, but have a couple of things about it that I can't figure out how to do in a way that works right for me. Here are the three basic scenarios that I use this pack: 1) bag packed and loaded with a bunch of stuff (gear, meat, whatever), 2) pack essentially empty (other than kill kit, water, snacks), 3) pack essentially empty for day hunting, but with my bow attached to it.

Scenario 1 is just about perfect in every way for me. I can lock things down well and I really love how this set up works.

Scenario 2 and 3 are the problems. Further, these two setups are how I have my pack most of the time, so I'm a little frustrated with this issue. When my pack is essentially empty (scenario 2), I connect my guide lid to my grab-it to cinch everything up from top to bottom. However, this doesn't work- the straps cinch up all the way possible, but the lid and grab-it don't pull tight down against the pack. There's slop in it and it flops up/down/side to side due to this. This really bugs me.

When I'm hauling my bow (scenario 3) I am unable to reasonably put the bottom cam in the grab-it and have that cam at roughly the height of the bottom of the pack. I would like this so I can sit down without taking my pack off and/or to protect my bottom cam in case I fall/slip.

Maybe I have my grab-it or my guide lid on wrong? Maybe it simply won't work? I'm open to any and all suggestions...

I can provide some pics if that would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any help I may get. Scott

From: ohiohunter
I mostly run grab it with the lid no bag, it’s not the most ideal set up but it works for me. Yes the lid is frustrating without a full pack. I use compression straps to flatten it.

From: Bowfreak
I have the Nomad II. I am almost always operating similar to your option 1 scenario. I never put my bow in the grab it so I'm not much help. I add a camp bag to this setup and I can pack in for a few nights at a time.

I love this setup for hauling meat. It worked perfect for me.

That’s the one thing about the older Kifaru bags. They all seem to flop loose unless loaded. From the mountain rambler to all the older offerings.

I don’t know what to tell you how to fix it other then separate side compression. Which might be hard on the older frames. I don’t know how many side loops a bikini offers.

I tell you what I will do though. I’ll ship you a 24” lite frame to see if works for you. To put separate compression straps on that will go over the entire load. Packed or empty. If you have a 38 inch waist, I’ll send the whole frame. Belt and all. If you need smaller, if the bikini belt will fit the new frame sheet, it’s yours to try. Just ship it back when done.

FWIW, the newer frames address all this with more side loops.

From: Predeter
Does the bikini not have loops to attach female buckles so your grab-it straps connect to the top of the frame?

Maybe you could sew some on?

From: Scoot
WV, I really appreciate that offer! However, I fear it may get very expensive for me! I'm going to try make what I have work for now. If I can't, I may circle back and see if your offer still stands.

Predeter, I'm not sure-- I'll have to check. If I attach the grabit to the top of the frame, I'm not sure where I'll attach the lid to. I'm certainly open to suggestions though.

I don’t have any experience with the Nomad, but suspect a couple of extra compression straps would take care of the slop.

Also, I prefer to use my KUIU Bowholder for my bow rather than my Grab It.

From: Predeter

Predeter's embedded Photo
Predeter's embedded Photo
Kind of hard to tell, but this picture shows how I have mine set up with both Grab-it and lid attachment on the top of the pack with the hunter frame and Nomad 2.

From: Scoot
That's helpful, Predeter. I'll take a look at mine tonight and see if I can copy that. For some reason I think I'm missing one of those sets of buckles a the top of my bikini frame, but I may be misremembering how it's set up too... I'll take a look. Regardless, thank you for posting the pic and info- much appreciated!

From: Scoot
Thanks for the help with this, folks! I finally had a chance to fiddle with my pack this weekend and realized the piece that I was not getting. Thanks to the pics, posts, and PMs, I was able to get it the way I wanted. It's nice and snug now! Thanks again!

From: smarba
Glad you solved it Scoot. I was going to suggest carrying extra gear ALL the time to fill out the pack and make you stronger...

From: Scoot
LOL- Carl with an excellent suggestion! If I just filled my pack with all of the gear Jon has lost in NM I wouldn't have a problem! :)

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