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Bear Hunting Bill Withdrawn
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DL 01-Feb-21
Ermine 01-Feb-21
Pole Mtn 01-Feb-21
Bowboy 01-Feb-21
kentuckbowhnter 01-Feb-21
Empty Freezer 02-Feb-21
Live2Hunt 02-Feb-21
mgmicky 02-Feb-21
DL 03-Feb-21
Matt 03-Feb-21
elkmtngear 03-Feb-21
From: DL

DL's Link
Looks like the campaign by hunters worked.

From: Ermine
Good. That’s good news. For the time being. More of these bills will come

From: Pole Mtn
This is great news. One for the good guys!

From: Bowboy
I'm sure they'll try again in the future unfortunately!

of course the sponsor of the bill is named weiner.

I emailed the guy that wrote that bill. Now i'm probably on the governments hit list. These libtards don't give up people. They don't hunt, fish, ride 4 wheelers or go camping. They try and take that away from us. That is their life.

From: Live2Hunt
Good deal. I've had my dealings with idiots from HSUS. Them and others need to be shut down with there un-truth's about wildlife and hunting, fishing, trapping to gain money for there cause. Just anger's me.

From: mgmicky
That’s great news!

From: DL
Let this be a lesson to everyone. When your state try’s to pull something like this get the word out and flood the appropriate agencies with emails, phone calls or letters. Be respectful and provide good facts on the subject.

From: Matt
One thing is for sure, we will see the contents of this bill again.

From: elkmtngear
Guess I better get out and whack some bears this Season...while I still can...

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