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Sitka deer hunt recomendation
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Blue 02-Feb-21
t-roy 02-Feb-21
TEmbry 02-Feb-21
Raiders 03-Feb-21
MathewsMan 03-Feb-21
Katahdin 03-Feb-21
From: Blue
I am planning a Sitka deer hunt and will like to heard from you an outfitter recomendation. I am not from US so I must hunt with a guide/outfitter. Thanks in advance

From: t-roy
Homer Ocean Charters would be at the top of my list.

EDIT: They are a boat based transporter, not an outfitter, so they probably won’t be an option with your circumstances.

From: TEmbry
Are you wanting to hunt Southeast or Kodiak? That could narrow it down. Jeremy Ruesink runs a great operation on Kodiak, Rogue Expeditions.

From: Raiders
Any of the 2 region will be fine. (Southeast or Kodiak), I had heard than in Kodiak number of deer are way down this year

From: MathewsMan
Area we did a combo hunt was excellent for goats but in 12 days of hard hunting the deer were around and we saw some huge bucks but I had 3 tags and brought back none... we could have gone to better places for just the deer but my hunting partner was interested in a goat more so than my focus on deer.

From: Katahdin
Check out Muskeg Excursions the very best

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