Cabelas Alaknak question
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From: deerslayer
So I have a question for you Alaknak owners, I have an acquaintance that is selling the 12 x 12 Alaknak with the rain fly vestibule and floor liner. He’s only used it once, and said he would take $1200 for the whole set up. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, but Cabela’s is not selling them on their website right now. From the little bit of research I’ve done it looks like they took them down due to some manufacturer defects, but plan on putting them back up at some point in the future. I’m not sure about all of that, but the point I’m making is I couldn’t find a price for what all he’s selling would go for. I have looked at them in the past but I can’t remember what they cost with all the accessories. It seems to me that they were going for around $800, the vestibule was $250, and then the rain fly and floor liner were A couple hundred more. I’m just wondering if that is a good deal or if I should just wait until Cabela’s gets all that stuff back up online I don’t want to pay the price I could get it for new or even close to new. Just wondering what your opinions are for those of you who have this tent and know the prices of these things.

Also, how does this tent manage high winds? My 12 man seek outside tipi got ripped to shreds last year, and it was staked down to beat the band. The stakes held, but the fabric itself tore part. I’ve always been of the understanding that tipis were better and high winds, but that definitely was an eye-opener. I am wondering if the lack knack would be a better choice, but it seems like it would be just as susceptible to Highwinds or more so than my tipi.

From: ryanrc
Why does he want to sell it? Seems pricey for a used tent.

From: Glunt@work
I don't own the Alaknak but a friend does and its one of my favorite tents. I have the Bighorn III and its nice but I prefer the square shape of the Alaknak. If its all in great shape as it should be after only one use, I would say he's on the high end of used.

I recall seeing the price being $900.00 for the tent on sale for $800.00 in 2019. Vestibule is $270.00, not sure about the liner. At $1200.00, you aren't far off some other similar size wall tents.


BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo
I had 1 of the original ones and it took a beating and kept on camping!

Good luck, Robb

They are tough tents. But, he ain’t your buddy. Because he’s asking more used for that tent and accessory’s then they are new. At least as much.

I understand people needing compensated. But, unless he’s in a position that you are trying to help him out, buy a new one, fly and liner for less money.

From: midwest
I have one with the floor liner and vestibule. There is no rain fly I'm aware of but there is a roof protector that goes on one side around the stove jack which I also have.

I've had mine since 2008 and think I paid around $650 with a wood stove included. I bought the vestibule later for around $250 I believe.

Of course, they will cost more now but I think your friend is high on price.

From: DonVathome
I have one I might sell. I never drive out west anymore. I have everything, tent, vestibule, roof liner, floor liner. Mine MIGHT be a 10x10? If not it is a 12x12. Not sure how much but nowhere near $1000. Maybe $600 plus shipping? I got it about 18 years ago and it has been used about 5 months total. I also have a sheep herders stove I might sell too.

Did they make a 10x10?

Exactly Nick. It’s called a roof protector. And, it’s designed to cover just a little bit of the roof from fire embers.

From: Old School
Cabelas would put them on sale every year - I think in Jan/Feb if I remember correctly and they were priced for right about what he’s asking.

From: Deertick
I bought a used one a few years ago ... with stove and vestibule, for $300 like that. Seems high for a used tent

From: Brotsky

Brotsky's embedded Photo
Brotsky's embedded Photo
Having bought this last year I can tell you that he is close but high by about $200. They are a great tent but be wary if it’s a newer one. They have some problems. Namely tearing out at the peak where the center pole goes. Mine is doing this. I love the tent so I’m debating whether to return it or get it fixed right now.

They did make a 10x10 not sure if it was called Alaknak tho.. I have one and the side walls are much shorter than the 12x12 which I have as well.. also have the 12x20 that we use for mild temp hunts.. the 12x12 is used for those cold weather hunts and with a four dog stove it stays nice and warm... keep in mind that any type of LP gas heat and you will be dripping in condensation...

From: deerslayer
Thanks guys. I thought that was about the price of new. I think he’s just trying to recoup his costs because he’s only used it once, but for me that’s a no-go. I appreciate the info! I think I’ll just wait until they come back out with them, or go a different route.

From: Shiras42
I also have an older one with the roof protector, floor liner, vestibule, etc... If it is durability you want to know about, yeah it will hold up to almost anything. Not exaggerating when I say it has held up to 10" of small hail in ID and hail the size of golf balls in NE. The NE storm also had some very high winds and there were no issues.

From: NoWiser
We got our 12X20 with floor liner, roof protector, and vestibule for that price, used, a few years ago. It was in perfect shape. It has been a great tent and held up to some Wyoming winds that I could hardly stand in. That was a long, miserable night, but the tent survived just fine. You'd love the tent, but you can find a better deal than that.

From: Highlife
New bass pro master catalog has the 12×12 at 899.99

From: copperman
great tents I have a 12x20 that my group purchased around 2002. The tent has been awesome we have not used it in several years but did camp out of in during Michigans deer seasons, most years it was up for a about the whole month of November sometimes longer. It has held up to thunder storms, high winds, snow and bitter cold, I highly recommend it


ND String Puller's Link
Justin, check out the Teton tent from Reliable tent and tipi in Billings. I’ve used the 10x10 for 15 years, it has a heavy duty floor and is pretty well made. I see they have a 12x12 now with 4’ side walls. I can set mine up in about 10 minutes by myself. Worth a look if you are passing through Billings.

From: Inshart
We've had the 12 x 20 for several years, purchased for $800.00 on sale. The tent is great, no issues and very, very comfortable for 4 guys and all our gear inside. Over the years, it has held up to weather of all kinds.

A couple years ago I saw the biggest one Cabela's made for sale on Marketplace - all the extras go with it for $900.00. The add said it was only used 2 hunting seasons, but the condensation dripped so bad that everything inside was soaked. We've never had any issue like that at all!!!

A few years ago I purchased the Kodiak, 12 x 14, ($500.00 - worth every penny). It's heavier, but way easier to put up - one person takes about 7 minutes from the time you take it out, till your putting your gear in it. My brother and I, a few years ago, were in it when a really bad storm hit - rain to hail to snow with high winds all afternoon and most of the night, it held up great, no leaks, nothing pulled loose in the winds. I just can't say enough good about it. So far we've only had 2 guys and our gear in it - plenty of room. More hunters than that - it would be a bit crowed unless you had bunks only.

From: Ovis2
I've had a 10'x10" for about 10 years with vestibule, stove (and roof liner). I don't recall exactly, but paid way less than $1000. It's a great tent. Nice to have a place to get dry and warm. On two different years it survived 40-50 mph winds all night long that completely shredded my buddy's tent. Although I sent those nights wide awake...just waiting.

I stayed in one moose hunting this past fall. Great tent, lots of room, held up told a hellacious rain and wind storm. We had gusts over 50mph, trees down in roads, we thought camp was going to be destroyed.

From: Bear 1955
I have 12x12 great tent. I'm from Mt. and the wind can really howl where i hunt never had a problem. 1200.00 and only use once i'm think that's not a bad price with the extras he has to go with it.

From: jax2009r
I bought that tent in 08. It was about 1200 total for everything. Mine is still in the box. I use my Montana wall tent instead

From: sbschindler
do yourself a favor and check out the Springbar tent

From: LKH
People say "But I payed "this much". True, but irrelevant.

Offer him $750 and start the negotiations.

From: Bill in MI
I have one and it is awesome, full monty stove, roof cover, vest, floor liner. I've had mine for probably 12 years old and I bought it used!

From: APauls
Way to kill my sale guys! Jk

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