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Blurry Pin
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BC 04-Feb-21
wyobullshooter 04-Feb-21
Medicinemann 04-Feb-21
Royboy 05-Feb-21
Ambush 05-Feb-21
BIGERN 05-Feb-21
NJStykbow 05-Feb-21
olebuck 05-Feb-21
DanaC 05-Feb-21
BC 05-Feb-21
EMB 05-Feb-21
Drnaln 05-Feb-21
From: BC
How many of you old guys use a verifier for blurry pins?

I did before my cataract and astigmatism correction surgery. They have a few cons, but they are outweighed by the pros. They absolutely help...just make sure you get the correct lens.

From: Medicinemann
I have used one for years.....I have camo duct taped a prescription bottle to the riser of my bow, and filled it with Q-tips. The verifier can fog up under the right conditions, from time to time. Don't ask me how I know, but there is at least one real nice Roosevelt elk in Oregon that owes his life to some early morning fog.

From: Royboy
What medicineman said, I couldn’t see clearly without the verifier just be sure it’s kept clear. Mine was dusty and when the big 6pt was at 15 yards broadside near dusk I couldn’t get him in my sights.

From: Ambush
For eight or nine years now. If it's for hunting, buy the 5/16" size. That will give you an actual 1/4" aperture once the lens is screwed in.

If I use one it makes me old? 63 now and been a user for at least 6 years, 2 lens changes in that time and it hasn't been a detriment in any way for me yet.

From: NJStykbow
Make sure when you try out the different lens prescriptions that you find a balance between the pin being clear AND the target being clear (both won't happen exactly) at your average shot distance.

From: olebuck
i use a verifier. the archery shop here has a little tool with all the specialty archery verifier lenses. you look through it and pick which one works the best. i did find that when using a dove tail sight bar - you can slide the sight housing further away or closer to you - you can find the "sweet spot" in your vision...

From: DanaC
If fogging was an issue I'd get some of that stuff SCUBA divers use to keep their masks clear. Bushnell has had a coating for their rifle scopes for years now that prevents fogging, maybe someone should look at licensing the technology for archery optics. (I have one, and it works.)

From: BC
I currently use a 2 power magnifying lens in my HHA sight housing. Will this mess up the verifier or has anyone had luck using both together?

From: EMB
I've used a verifier for years as well. I haven't had any fogging issues, but I also take Qtips with me just in case. The trick is to get enough magnification to see the pins and not so much as to blur the target too much.

From: Drnaln
I've been using a 1/4 inch verifier for several years. Really cleared up the blurry pin issue for me. I keep Q tips handy for cleaning, use the peep cover & in really rainy conditions I keep the wrench handy & remove the verifier lense. I tried Specialty Archery's new PXL Hunter Peep system last year & it wasn't for me at all. Peep housing was huge & I couldn't keep the peep lined up at all.

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