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3 blade iron will broadhead
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Beachtree 04-Feb-21
Dale06 04-Feb-21
smarba 04-Feb-21
From: Beachtree
Would anyone else like to see a 3 blade 1 1/4 iron will broadhead

From: Dale06
Not me, if it’s a fixed three blade, as opposed to replaceable blades. There’s several existing three blades fixed (not sure of cut diameter) available today. I’ve tried several. I never hunted with them because three blade fixed can not be sharpened as sharp as a two blade ( with out bleeders or removable bleeders) as the angle does not allow it. I’ve shot 125V IW for several years and would have zero interest in a fixed three blade IW or any other fixed three blade.

From: smarba
Personally no. Always had great success with 4 blades, although I have never used IW.

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