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From: Buckiller
Ordered a new bow and looking into new arrows. I have shot maxima reds for 3-4 years now and don't have a single complaint. I think the 350s are right about 9 gpi, but would like to "beef" up my new arrows/setup. Does anyone have any input on maxima red sd? Also looked into the triads but not thrilled with the cost. Thanks for any input

Victory has awesome arrows, outskirts, all good.. Love shootin there micro diameter, .166

From: GhostBird
I have been shooting Black Eagle for some time... the Carnivores and currently shooting the Spartans. Been very happy with them.

From: Buglmin
Nothing at all wrong with the maxima red sd's. A .204 diameter shaft. The main thing is components when it comes to tuning and building a tough front end. For tsars I used Firenock stuff, but now use the Ethics Archery's static adjustable half outs. Build a very tough arrow.

From: BC
I got a dozen Maxima Red SD this season and had problems with them. I had five arrows split or crack where field point or broadhead screwed into the outsert. Three showed slight cracks after shooting 3D and the other two after the shot while hunting. Never had this happen with regular Reds. Haven't heard of anyone else having similar problems so maybe I just got a bad lot. I have some left if you want to try them before you buy, 28 inch. PM if you want them.

From: Buckiller
TTT. I appreciate the replies but surely most here have an arrow there confident in, looking for ideas.

I use a beman ics bow hunter. 340 spine. Cut 27” long. I use standard components with a 125 grain broadhead containing a chisel tip. Not loyal to a brand as long as they are reputable. But, the broadhead has to have a chisel tip. That’s not debatable to me.

I use a 2219 footing that I cut to 1 inch long. That’s the key to me. I use hot melt and glue them on flush with the end of the insert. It truly prevents mushrooming.

Every carbon made should carry a footing in my opinion. They are resilient shafting. But, are very weak with square hits to anything hard. So, foot them and they work very well. And, are nearly indestructible.

From: Buglmin
With today's components available, especially from Fire Nock and Ethics, footing a .204 diameter shaft is unnecessary. It's when you use junk and cheap components and arrow shafts that you run into issues.

From: MDcrazyman
Sds are awesome.

From: olebuck
i buy my arrows from south shore archery...

my go to arrows are gold tip hunter XT's. south shore spine index's and squares the arrows - makes them really accurate. they do a really good job...

From: Brotsky
I shoot Easton Hexx 330's with 75 gr brass insert. Been a great set-up for me the past two seasons.

From: Bowboy
I shoot Easton Axis 5mm in 340 with 125 grain point. Shoot great!

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