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Wayjames 18-Feb-21
Does anyone know how to get your bonus points to show up once you set your portal up in Arizona. I have never had a portal just been buying points. But it says zero bonus points and I have been buying them for years.

From: WapitiBob

Short answer, you don't. Your data will migrate eventually and as long as you have your email receipts for your applications you are fine.

From: JW
Greg, I called the game and fish office about that last week. Said points should update in the near future. Mine aren’t showing up either.

From: Huntcell
the Licenses, if you bought one this year will be updated, unfortunately in the stream of computer app processing time your apps, if you made any this year do not show up. your current bonus points will show up.

If your login . you should see ::::::::My AZGFD Dashboard View your draw applications, bonus points, and license history. View Details » ::::::: Click on View Details......................

new page should come up and You should see 3 options ;;;;;;;;;;----------Licenses ---------- Draw Apps ----------- Bonus Points---------;;;;;;click on Bonus points "VIEW THE BREAKDOWN".......................

page should come up ;;;;;;;Bonus Points Overview;;;;;;;

Illustrative purposes only............ Pronghorn 23 points, Bear o points, Bighorn Sheep, 29 points, Bison 15 points, Deer 24 points Elk 6 points Javelina 15 points Turkey 9 points

From: wyliecoyote
Every one I asked had their BPs show up on the 10th...mine did that also.


From: jdee
Mine are showing. They’ve been there anytime I’ve looked at them.

From: TD
I think in the old system purchased points didn't show until after the drawing similar to how they do when you are not drawn. New system IDK.

From: 'Ike'
Worked fine...

From: TD
Just a heads up..... was checking my portal for my elk app since the app deadline and it wasn't showing. The dreaded "looks like you haven't applied for the latest draw" or some such message. Called AZ last week to make sure I was in and was nicely told they were way behind on updating the portals. As long as I had the receipts and confirmation email, CC charges, etc. (which I did) I was good to go, no worries. They were hoping to be pretty much caught up "mid week next week". If not by Thursday or Friday, give em a call. They were still on track to start hitting cards on the 25th or there about.

Just checked (um, again...) this morning and it's all updated just like they said it would.


Life is still worth living..... well, for a few more days anyway.....

From: NoWiser
Credit card hits will start on the 26th. The 25th is the deadline to update your card information.

From: Wayjames
5bs bull, more time! It happens!

From: huntinelk
Is anybody not displaying the correct number of points? In the year by year summary it shows a total of 7 years applying for points, but only shows 5 in the look at your points section.

From: Wayjames
Or unit 4 for cow, I’m trying to figure out a way to hunt every two years at least!??

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