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New foundland moose
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Pyrannah 07-Feb-21
Tracker 11-Feb-21
Pyrannah 11-Feb-21
swampyankee 11-Feb-21
Pyrannah 11-Feb-21
INbowdude 11-Feb-21
APauls 11-Feb-21
Spiral Horn 11-Feb-21
nehunter 18-Feb-21
From: Pyrannah
I started the alaska moose hunt thread but i am also looking at a Newfoundland moose hunting as a potential option and or addition to alaska...

I had conneriver and iron bound as two potential companies but it doesn’t sound like iron bound is catering to archery hunting..

I’m just looking for any additional opinions regarding this type of hunt and maybe who you had gone with?

I heard from one person that said conneriver is just as good now as they have ever been

I know covid is a concern but I am considering a later date 2025 or so

Last week of September?

From: Tracker

Tracker's embedded Photo
Tracker's embedded Photo
I hunted 2019 in Newfoundland for moose. Had a great time and hope to go back. Its affordable, country is beautiful, people were extremely friendly and the hunting was good. Don't expect a monster but a good representation is attainable. The outfit I went with has been 100% opportunity for several years on their spike camp hunt.

From: Pyrannah
Thanks tracker

I always wondered, can you do a unguided moose hunt in Newfoundland like alaska?

From: swampyankee
non citizens have to be guided

From: Pyrannah
Thanks swamp! Could have been cool adventure like that

From: INbowdude
Ray's Hunting and Fishing. I hunted bear with him many years ago and considered hunting with him. Give him a look.

From: APauls
Effords Hunting Adventures are good as well, and also have a trophy packages for bigger bulls as well.

From: Spiral Horn
Was in camp with Neil Summers of BSC in Conne River’s Dollins Pond location (bow only). Took a very nice bull.

From: nehunter
I've been to Tucker more lodge twice. They had bow guides who walked all day and guides who drove you up and down roads.

It's not really about the outfitter, it's more about the guides who work for them. (My opinion).

I specifically asked for a bow guide and glad I did. I shot the biggest one in camp.

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