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Steelheads off eBay 2010-2011 time frame
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Rsquared 07-Feb-21
kentuckbowhnter 09-Feb-21
12yards 09-Feb-21
From: Rsquared

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Rsquared's embedded Photo
I recently bought some steelheads off a guy who bought some off Jeff( the president or something like that of rocket) back in 2010-2011. I was under the assumption that they were original steelheads but after recieving them and seeing the slight difference and doing some research I now believe they are the black ones that were sold right after trophy ridge bought rocket. While doing my research I saw where they had an issue with the blades not sweeping back far enough with this particular model of the steelhead and these ones I bought(the blades) don't sweep back as far as the originals but I don't think Jeff would be selling bad heads on ebay. So did anybody else buy these heads? And is this just the way they made them at that time or are these bad heads? There the middle head. Sorry my phone doesn't take the best pics

I dont know if they sweep back as far but your pic looks like they are far back enough to do the job.

From: 12yards

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12yards's embedded Photo
I have some. In the pic, the ones on the left are 100s. Notice the different angles on the blades. To experiment, I took the blades off the middle one and put them on the one on the left (the XP model with cut on contact tip). They had the same bad angle. So it is the blades that are wrong, not the ferrule as far as I can tell. I'd rather have the more swept back blade angle, but I don't think it would be bad to use the ones that aren't. A lot of broadheads have a much less swept back angle than these "bad" Steelheads.

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