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New Zealand
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BDA 11-Feb-21
g5smoke21 11-Feb-21
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Dino 12-Feb-21
Coyote 65 12-Feb-21
BullBuster 13-Feb-21
From: BDA
My buddy's New Zealand hunt has been shifted to 2022 due to "the COVID." I'm thinking of trying to talk my wife into making it a couples vacation. He booked with Southern Peaks Safaris. I don't see that much information about the outfitter, but what I can find is positive. Does anyone have any knowledge of this outfitter? Is there any resources out there to help me look into the outfitter? Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about hunting New Zealand in general, like general cost (what's a decent price?)? He hasn't been there before, so I'd like to find out more information about them before diving in. Thanks!

Real kiwi hunting. Mike Biemond is awesome. I have been a few times

From: g5smoke21
I'm set to go with new Zealand horn and antler. I'm just hoping ticket prices for airfare decreases. It's insane

From: bghunter
Couple questions 1 north or south island 2 what time of year 3 what species you after My wife went with me and she does not hunt and loved it. There us so much to do on the south island it is crazy. Queenstown is a great city too

Rent a car and drive along the west coast. The Tasman sea is beautiful. You can take a train back down to your airport.

From: bghunter
We did a over night cruise in the Mulford Sound which in the morning took you into the Tasman Sea. It was unreal.

From: Dino
Interesting thread for sure...I understand that there is a lot of public ground there to hunt. And, that there is a lot of hunting to do for a lot of different "feral" species. Licensing, is simple. Anyone here done a DIY there? Or maybe a combined hunt, where you go with an outfitter and then venture off on your own?

From: Coyote 65
I was there a year ago, took a bus tour of the Northern Island. Saw a few red deer, but lots of turkey, and some big trout in the streams. Pretty country.


From: BullBuster
Expect pressure from the outfitter to get the guides to have you kill kill kill. I was there during the rut and the guide wanted me to set up along the fence because the stags cruise the fence lines. I told him that if I can even see your fence I’m not shooting. He actually appreciated that as he was from Montana but man did he take a lot of heat from the outfitter. I had a fun time but I wouldn’t do it again. I left my wife in Christchurch for 4 days and she easily amused herself.

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