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Turkey Vid
Contributors to this thread:
JL 11-Feb-21
JohnMC 11-Feb-21
nchunter 12-Feb-21
JL 12-Feb-21
Whocares 12-Feb-21
'Ike' 16-Feb-21
Medicinemann 16-Feb-21
From: JL
This is pretty cool watching turkeys do their thing.

From: JohnMC
As dumb as they are they should be easier to kill.

From: nchunter
The man that owns the farm that I turkey hunt on had 2 domestic toms and a couple hens that stayed right near his front door. I hated those rascals cause they would come after you non stop trying to spur you. Well they nailed his wifes leg one day and they were soon in the oven. There was no way I would of let that little boy walk up to turkeys like that.

From: JL
Ya...I thought that was a little risky too.

From: Whocares
That was entertaining to watch! And I sit in a blind for hours trying to outsmart one?? Duh!

From: 'Ike'
Soon, very soon...

From: Medicinemann
When does Florida turkey season start? Gotta be pretty soon....

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