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Alaska guide service brown bear
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From: Footshooter
I am looking at a Brown Bear hunt this fall, has anyone hunted with these guys (Ron Warren’s outfit, Alaska guide service)? Any report or experience would be great. Trying to do some quick research.


From: Mule Power

Mule Power's Link
No but you might check this guide out. Not sure exactly what your goal is.

From: Raiders
Fejes Services is one of the very best outfitters in Alaska. They are not cheap, but definitive they are very good

Vrem's Blue Mountain Lodge as is excellent.

From: Dale06
Might be getting late to book a brownie hunt this fall. I think those book up pretty fast. Good luck.

From: MathewsMan
I’ve got my 2 tags already and hopefully tag a grizzly with one.

Highly recommend Vrem's as well. We shot 2 great bears there in May 2019.

From: Footshooter
I found a few references and heard all good things about Ron and AK guide service. I booked with them for late Sept into Oct. Thanks for all the replies, and I will make sure to have a few posts as it gets closer, and a good hunt report after.

From: t-roy
Good luck on your hunt, Bill!

From: Ken
I hunted with Ron's brother Bobbie when Bobbie worked for Muskeg Excursions. Bobbie occasionally guided for his brother and had good things to say about the operation and had good brown bear hunt stories from guiding for his brother. Not totally unbiased but that's all I have.

From: Footshooter
Thanks guys! T-Roy I’m hoping for the brown bear equivalent of your deer season last year!! Ken, appreciate the review biased or not.

From: Raiders
Good luck in your hunt. Hunting brown bear with a bow is an amazing experience

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