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air leak 13-Feb-21
Bou'bound 13-Feb-21
Bou'bound 14-Feb-21
Ok...Russ 25-Feb-21
From: air leak
Product review..

Based on reviews of another thread here, I looked up Huntworth gear.

There was a sale, and I was looking for lightweight rain gear for spring turkey.

I ordered the Microfiber jacket and bibs. Using their sizing chart, I ordered a Medium.

Arrived today, and I tried them on.

1. The Medium size is very small. A Medium sized what, I don't know, but it wasn't a human..

2. The quality was at best, cheap and flimsy. It wouldn't last a half of a morning turkey hunting.

3. Lucky, there is a good return policy, and I'll get my money back, minus 8 bucks.

I should have know better. I wanted something a little lighter than my Gore Tex.

Sale price was $55 each. It wasn't worth 5 bucks.

If anyone was thinking about getting this item.. Don't.

From: Bou'bound
All Sitka all the time.

From: Bou'bound
All Sitka all the time.

From: Ok...Russ
Air leak, my order just arrived yesterday and seem to be made very well. I bought some mid weight pants, soft shell jacket, a base layer and a long sleeved shirt. Everything fit pretty much spot on for their size guide that's online. The XL sleeved shirt seems just a tad short in the arms but I've got 'knuckle draggers' and didn't want the XXL. Pants were large and waist fit fine. At 6'4", I was worried about the inseam as it says 32" on the website. I've got closer to 34/36" inseam and the length was fine - not 'high waters' as I expected. Great customer service too! Proof will be in the use this spring and a follow up review will be in order. Sorry your order wasn't as expected but right now I'm happy with my purchase.

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