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It's not just American ARAs...
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IdyllwildArcher 13-Feb-21
Z Barebow 13-Feb-21
GF 13-Feb-21
Scoot 14-Feb-21
Keith 15-Feb-21

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that lack common sense. Apparently on the other side of the world, animal rights activists lack enough common sense to release bears into the wild in such a manner where they cannot immediately attack you.

From: Z Barebow
Hilarious! Hard to believe folks don’t understand there are a few fundamental truths in the animal world. Other than apex predators, many animals are food for other animals. Not a right, that is a fact.

From: GF
So unbelievably stupid to release captives into the wild....

From: Scoot
Idiots are idiots, doesn't matter their country of origin.

From: Keith
With 6 bears released, you need to be able to run faster than 5 of the other idiots.

What are the chances of a captive bear surviving in the wild?

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