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CO Fires and Limited 2021 Quota
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Oryx35 14-Feb-21
sticksender 14-Feb-21
From: Oryx35
I might be dense, but does anyone know if the number of moose licenses reserved for 2020 moose license holders affected by the 2020 fires is listed anywhere? I haven't been able to find it in the regs or online. I know the actual quota won't be set for a while, but I'm trying to figure out a best guess for how many licenses may be available for 2021 hunters.

As a nonresident, I'm probably on the cusp of being able to draw a cow tag. With little kids at home, the likelihood of drawing a moose tag will impact how I apply in New Mexico and Wyoming.

From: sticksender
Unit 7, 19, & 28 are the only ones with carried-over cow moose licenses. For NR's, Unit 7 is the only one to be concerned with, for possibly having a reduced NR quota. Because Units 19 and 28 are already listed as having no cow tags for NR this year. They won't reveal the quota in Unit 7 until after they hold their quota-setting commission meeting, which is after the draw deadline. They're probably going to issue at least one NR cow license, otherwise they wouldn't be letting you apply for that hunt code. Still might be safer to apply for another area.

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