Green Plot Trouble Help!!
Whitetail Deer
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ekeithk6 16-Feb-21
drycreek 16-Feb-21
AccMan 16-Feb-21
From: ekeithk6
Hey Guys, I hunt in Morengo County Al in a club with roughly 3k acres and about 26 food plots. We normally plant the Supreme Mix (marshal rye, oats, clover, wheat) and oats. All of our fields did great and produced some good deer except for a couple. The plots have produced, but nothing lately. I was thinking of mixing the seed up a bit on those plots. The largest one is roughly 3 acres with a low spot in the middle. I was thinking Thinking triticale, daikon radish, and rape. has anyone used the triticale and daikon down south? Please help, tks a bunch.

From: drycreek
I’ve not seen anything triticale will do that wheat won’t do. I do like daikon radish and more importantly, my deer like it. I’m in East Texas.

From: AccMan
I am in southern Va. My deer walked through soybeans and rye to get to daikon radishes and chicory, needles to say, I will increase the amount of both next year. They are still eating radishes but the chicory was eaten to the dirt by the end of october.

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