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Forloh clothes??
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Scrappy 17-Feb-21
krieger 15-Mar-21
Inshart 16-Mar-21
APauls 16-Mar-21
g5smoke21 25-May-21
JohnMC 25-May-21
WV Mountaineer 25-May-21
g5smoke21 26-May-21
Bake 26-May-21
midwest 26-May-21
From: Scrappy

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I saw people looking for American made clothes over on the sitka thread. I came across this company through LEO adventures. They state they are American made. I have never heard of them myself. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with them.

From: krieger
I am going to try some, but haven't yet.

From: Inshart
No thanks - way to spendy. $40 bucks for a hat.................... and on up from there.

From: APauls
More expensive than Sitka and Kuiu. Wow.

From: g5smoke21
Anyone on these guys?

From: JohnMC
If they are the most expensive someone will buy it. I have always thought a decent marketing strategy would be make sure you’re the most expensive product in the category. Some guys have to have the best and define the best as most expensive. Hunting clothes have become like women and their purses. The most important thing is the name on the label and what it cost.

Midwest has some of their stuff. Maybe PM him.

From: g5smoke21
Not necessarily looking for the most "expensive" gear to be cool John. What I am looking for is product that is made in the USA.

From: Bake
Some people also like the best because they put their stuff through the wringer . . . . 80-100 days a year in the woods tears up the cheap stuff

From: midwest
"Midwest has some of their stuff."

No, not familiar with this stuff.

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