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From: Scoot
In the places I typically use a decoy I have to carry it anywhere between 1/4 and 3/4 mile. It's not too far, but it's so dang clumsy carrying that thing! Plus, if it's during the gun season I hate carrying it because you never know what some idiot will do (it's on private ground and nobody should be anywhere near where I'm at, but it only takes one idiot one time...) I'm curios to hear if anyone has a double top secret method for transporting decoys in a way that isn't so clumsy and loud. I've used a frame pack and I would describe that as "ok at best". It works, but it's loud and still not the safest approach. Suggestions welcome...

From: Jaquomo
Yep. Montana 2D decoys. I can put out a little herd of feeding and alert does, and a buck, at different angles so the deer see them no matter what angle they approach from. Four Montanas fit in my daypack.

From: JohnMC
I've got the a Primos decoy the legs and head fit in body and it goes in a bag with a strap it works well enough carry similar distances. But it still something rather big and bulk to have to carry in.

From: Scoot
Thanks guys. Yes, I'm talking about a 3D plastic decoy. Mine is pretty darn big and that plastic is SO LOUD when it brushes against anything at all. It's also loud to assemble once I am at my stand. Gotta be a better mousetrap out there! Maybe I should go the route Lou described above, but I do like the decoy I have and would like to figure out a way to transport it.

I’m with Lou. I wouldn’t want to carry a full sized, plastic decoy 3/4 of a mile. Especially during gun season.

Maybe make a blaze orange bag and buy some surplus store backpack straps.

From: Brian M.
I stopped using my carry-lite deke for the reasons you mentioned. Mine has the original orange bag it came with so no mistaken it for a real, or even recognizable deer. We can't use them during firearms season. A golf bag frame on wheels should work for transport. Can you bring it in early and leave it hidden, or do you have to take it out every time?

From: Dale06
I have a lightweight pack frame. I strap a jake and hen decoy in bags, to that frame. Sometimes I also strap a pop up blind and stool. With the blind on the pack frame, it’s cumbersome, but doable except in tall thick brush.

From: Grunter
I stash mine out there for the season. When I brought it back in after the season this year and put in the garage, about 100 spiders fell out and were crawling everywhere. That was annoying.

From: sitO
Over the shoulder(s)

From: APauls
Pack frame in an orange bag.

From: Catscratch
I sold the 3D and went with a 2D. Works as well (maybe better) and is much easier to carry.

From: Bou'bound
i just drag it behind me and figure the deer are going to see and hear me no doubt, but when they see me dragging what appears to be a dead buck they will think my tag is filled and they are safe. They relax, i get to my stand, set up my decoy and shoot the dumb sucker i fooled on the way in.

it works, try it.

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