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How many LB's per AC
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c5ken 18-Feb-21
woodstick 18-Feb-21
t-roy 18-Feb-21
c5ken 19-Feb-21
Stressless 21-Feb-21
c5ken 21-Feb-21
t-roy 21-Feb-21
c5ken 22-Feb-21
From: c5ken
Going to frost seed Ladino clover over an existing 3ac clover food plot. How many pounds of Ladino seed should I apply per AC??

From: woodstick
I do 5 lb/acre. You can do less on bare dirt or decent clover. Just for rehab on existing clover, 5 works for me.

From: t-roy
Depends some on your existing clover. Thin stands, I’d go a tad heavier, thicker stands, a bit less. On average, like woodstick stated, 5 lbs is a pretty good average. More than that won’t hurt a thing. Just costs a bit more. I always go a bit on the heavy side.

From: c5ken
Thanks for the info....

From: Stressless
Depends on how bad (weedy) your exiting clover is. Do you want more clover then existing weeds or do you have bare dirt where you want to thicken clover?

I tried to "rehab" frost seeding a weedy clover plot - very poor results.

If the snow is gone and not too muddy try running a light harrow over it first. Much better catch. Hit with you fav clover friendly herbicide early May.

From: c5ken
My food plot is fairley weedy. I have a disk that doesn't dig-in very deep. Do you think running the disk over the field prior to frost seeding will work??

From: t-roy
I don’t see it hurting anything, c5ken. The only potential negative might be that you would possibly bring up some additional weed seeds.

From: c5ken

Thanks for the info.

I think I'll try a light disking prior to frost seeding

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