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What to make with trimmings??
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We had a great season and have had a lot of trimmings to make hamburger, bacon, brats, sticks and sausage. I have enough meat for a 25# batch of 50/50 mix with venison and pork. I'm thinking 12.5# of breakfast sausage and 12.5# of Italian. I have never made it before. For those that make it, what are your thoughts? Is there anything else I should consider making?

From: Old School
Sticks with jalapeños and cheddar. It’s an all time favorite around our house.

From: Woods Walker
Get a jerky gun and some drying pans. In fact, I'm about to ease my cabin fever and to the same!

From: craigmcalvey
I use all my trimmings to make breakfast sausage and Italian sausage. I prefer waltons mixes but I’m sure others are good as well.

I usually just grind it now. With pork being so cheap, I put it all into grind to use for burgers, metallics, spaghetti, etc....

But, for breakfast sausage I highly recommend the 50/50 ratio. For brats and Italian sausages too. It just turns out so dry without a lot of fat in it.

I mix 50/50 for my bacon and brats. I have a shop make my sticks and sausage. I have made polish before but we didn't love it. I cheat and buy the spices from a local butcher for $7. That pack makes 25# of product.

From: midwest

midwest's Link

From: Croixbaby
To be honest I find most breakfast sausage and italian to be so close in resemblance that I would just go with italian, and make summer sausage out of the rest.

From: Ok...Russ
X2 Chorizo but will need more fat I believe. Can't go wrong with Italian Sausage.

From: B2K
I make big batches of meatballs and also meatloaves and then vacuum seal them. Venison bacon is good, but you have to smoke it. Ground venison jerky is good on the dehydrator. When I've made brats or Italians, Ive used 60% pork and I go even higher with the breakfast links.

From: Langbow
Guys everyyer I make venison sausage usually 30 to 50 percent with pork.. most years 50 to 75 pounds. I usually buy Old P;a Tati on, Witts or Mr Sausage pre mixed seasoning. Trying to be a bit healthier and want my own spice mix for 15 to 25 pound batches of Breakfest, sweet or mild Italian, hot Italian, kielbasa. Anyone have a home made recipe they really like? I don’t stuff just do bulk. Any help would be appreciated.

From: INbowdude
Summer sausage with the occasional burger. Congrats and good luck.

I really like breakfast sausage, brats and Italian sausage.

Thanks for all the ideas. I made brats with pepper jack cheese, italain sausage and breakfast sausage with apple in it. I tested the Italian and the wife thinks it is great!! I will test the breakfast tomorrow morning.

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