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Which Tree Step Install Tool
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Candor 24-Feb-21
Paul@thefort 24-Feb-21
t-roy 24-Feb-21
Native Okie 24-Feb-21
fisherick 27-Feb-21
From: Candor
I have nerve damage in my elbow that makes installing screw in tree steps difficult. I can do it but then can't feel my fingers for a few days. I am looking at getting one of the tree stand step installers. There are a few different models: 1) Muddy Tree Step Sledge 2) Ultimate Tree Step Tool (more expensive: ) 3) Maybe others I haven't yet found

Those of you that have them - do you like them and any other suggestions or reviews on what you have?

My Cranford steps are not difficult to get started but all steps torque my elbow a lot when I get it into the tree.

Suspect I will have elbow surgery at some point next year in January after duck season but I missed my window this year because of covid at my house.

Disclaimer: I believe this has been discussed before but I cannot get the search function to work and maybe the tools have evolved since the last thread.

From: Paul@thefort
use climbing sticks. Easy to install and good to grip while climbing up to the stand. The aluminum sticks to not weight much and can be carried without much effort. Will save your elbow.

From: t-roy
I’ve used a cordless drill and predrilled pilot holes for the screw-in steps. I used a bit that was just a little smaller than the solid shaft portion of threaded part of the step. Makes installation way less tiresome, for sure.

From: Native Okie
I have a small t handle that works really well for starting holes. It’s basically a drill bit on any handle. Works well. Muddy makes a tree step sledge that looks good too.

From: fisherick
I use a small cordless pistol grip screwdriver with 3/16" pilot hole bit and a Muddy Tree Step Sledge for leverage.

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