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1st rifle elk unit 61 colorado
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oregon338 24-Feb-21
altitude sick 25-Feb-21
Surfbow 25-Feb-21
Hank_S 25-Feb-21
From: oregon338
will draw colorado 1st elk rifle in unit 61 this 2021 season. Been an archery hunter.. and successful for several years, don,t want to wait any longer and going to burn my points. it's ok, just want to hammer a nice 6x6, have fresh meat and enjoy the 5 day hunt. will scout the area 4 days before, have been studying the unit in basic terms but If someone has hunted in 61 last year during the first season, did you find the bigger bulls heading towards their sanctuaries? I know a significant part of the unit is steep and deep, but thats ok, I,m used to that, although a pack out will be a killer, it only hurts for awhile. Anyway, any helpful info on this unit would be great. ok to pm me if want. thanks Jerry

Didn't hunt first rifle. But sent you a PM with good intel

From: Surfbow
Assume Divide Road will be a circus...

From: Hank_S
You may want to post on Monster Mulies...probably many more rifle hunters are on that site.

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