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NM Bear Hunt
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neuse 25-Feb-21
butcherboy 25-Feb-21
smarba 25-Feb-21
huntinelk 25-Feb-21
butcherboy 26-Feb-21
neuse 02-Mar-21
From: neuse
Can someone recommend an outfitter for for bear hunting in New Mexico?

I am not sure if spring or fall is better.

From: butcherboy
I can’t recommend any outfitter’s since I’ve never really looked into bear outfitters. What I can tell you is that there is no spring season for bear in NM.

From: smarba
There is only 1 unit/area with a spring season by draw only. But no baiting allowed in NM.

From: huntinelk
Check on Joe Troyers operation

From: butcherboy
I actually didn’t know there was 1 unit for spring bear. Never looked close enough.

From: neuse
Ok, thank you for the info.

I would like to go bear hunting without going to Canada, if possible.

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