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Wyoming wilderness hunting?
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From: The dream
So I have 5-6 pts for Wyoming elk hunting. Buddy went a a guided hunt and was very successful but spent 7 grand on the hunt and sounded like the guide had him by the balls for the week.

My question is can I legally hunt with a resident on wilderness land or do I need a guide. I got the money for guided but I am a diy kind guy that wants breathing room. And very picky on who I hunt with.

Also have great whitetail hunting. Is it legal to trade whitetail for an elk hunt?

From: Jethro
From the regs: A resident guide license may be obtained from the WGFD by any resident possessing a valid big or trophy game license. A resident guide may only take up to two (2) nonresidents in a wilderness area per year, provided they do not accept any gratuity or compensation.

From: JTreeman
Nonresidents cannot hunt wilderness without a guide in Wyoming.

I would also be careful about “trading hunts” I believe some states can consider that guiding without a license. They can consider the trade “payment”. I’m not saying don’t do it, just be careful how you do it.


From: The dream
Yes sure don't wanna get in trouble! Why I'm asking.

Wanna get out west again soon. Trying to get my game plan put together.

From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
Yes you can have a resident as a guide take you into the Wilderness but only two nonresidents. Please read my link.

From: Treeline
Interesting how that wilderness restriction doesn’t apply for hiking, fishing, mushroom picking, tree hugging, picnics, flower sniffing, etc...

Total BS regulation.

Yep. A real turd of an idea. But, every government entity has been fleecing hunters and fishermen for decades. While ignoring other users. I only expect it to get worse.

OP, edit that whitetail part out. This is a new day. Words online can and will be used against you. And, there are a lot of people visiting hunting forums besides hunters.

From: Treeline
Agree. Edit that out!

From: Mule Power
Trading is considered paying a form of compensation. You can do that BUT it would have to be with an outfitter who is licensed to commercially operate on national forest.

As far as a resident guide goes: It’s easy for a resident to get the license but keep in mind that they have to accompany you at all times while hunting.

From: AnyElk
How do they police/enforce this rule?

From: smarba
Even though I reside in NM I happen to identify as a WY resident...LOL

From: wytex
You would be surprised where you might run into GW, they do patrol the wilderness areas. Your " dream" doesn't have to involve wilderness areas either. Plenty of elk outside the wilderness.

From: Huntcell
Ya Wyoming's wilderness NR hunter must have a guide requirement is funny stuff.. Those 300 Mag toting NR hunters need the support of a guide for their own safety as they go up the trail, pass a 7 month pregnant NR woman hiking with her 4 year old child no guide required for them.

funny but sad. the NR guide requirement is an embarrassment to Wyoming. Shame on all those that support it and unfortunately keep it in place.

From: Ollie
If you trade a hunt no one knows but the people you tell.

From: WYelkhunter
you can be taken into wilderness to hunt by a resident who also is hunting and gets a permit to take you. It would be VERY difficult for anyone to prove you traded hunts as compensation for you WY resident guide.

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