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Annihilator broadheads
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Slider14 27-Feb-21
Stuart 01-Mar-21
Wally 02-Mar-21
Slider14 02-Mar-21
GF 02-Mar-21
From: Slider14
Hi guys, just sitting waiting winter out! Have anyone used or have shot Annihilator broad heads? Just real curious! Please don’t comment if you haven’t had any experience with them ! Thank Ken

From: Stuart
I sent you a PM

From: Wally
Depends on what your hunting I guess. I bought some last year for elk season, but heard they are effective but leave sparse blood trials a lot of the time. I didn't use them due to this, last thing I wanted was spending a lot of time looking for blood. I may try them on deer were the recovery is usually shorter and the terrain in KS isn't as harsh.

From: Slider14
Thanks Stuart, I guess I’m just going to try and see how quiet they fly and how accurate they fly! Thanks for the feed back??

From: GF
Seems like a LOT of frontal area to try to push. And how much does “friction” come into play on a bloody arrow shaft? Seems like it’d be pretty well lubed up...

I guess I’d like to shoot a few into some big blocks of ballistic gel under a high speed camera.... but it just seems like another stupid gimmick....

Which probably explains why nobody has tried them....

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