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Montana preference point
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StCroixHunter 01-Mar-21
TEmbry 01-Mar-21
Cheesehead Mike 01-Mar-21
I am a non resident applying for the general elk combo. On the statistics from last year the odd were 65% @ 0 points, and 68% with 1 point. What is the advantage of the point, besides 3%. What am I missing. There must be something to make buying the point appealing. Thanks for your help

From: TEmbry
I could be wrong but I believe MT applies the point purchased before the drawing meaning you jump to 1 point category instantly. The point of buying it is to essentially guarantee drawing the following year if you don’t draw by then being in 2 point territory.

So then if you don't draw this year, but bought the point and you buy another point next year at the time of your application you would be in the 2 point group which last year was 100% draw.

If you apply for a general license this year and don't buy a preference point and then don't draw the general license they will not allow you to buy a preference point this summer. You would be going into next year's draw with 0 points versus going in with 2 points if you buy the preference point both years.

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