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Max Cam Tuning question
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DrewB 01-Mar-21
Buck Watcher 02-Mar-21
x-man 02-Mar-21
DrewB 02-Mar-21
From: DrewB
I’m having trouble lining up the timing marks with the string on a Max cam. I’ve twisted the cable and untwisted the string several twists. The brace height is now in spec but the the ATA is short 3/8th and the timing holes are pointed towards the riser. More cable twists (I think) will only shorten the ATA more and hasn’t really moved the cam. Only have a few twists left in the string. What else can I do? Or is there anything else that can be done?

From: Buck Watcher

Buck Watcher's embedded Photo
Buck Watcher's embedded Photo
Should be easy fix. Get ata and timing marks correct and if BH is close your good. NOT set in stone. This will help.

From: x-man
BH changes with draw weight adjustments and therefore should be the last thing checked.

From: DrewB
Thanks! I’ve been focusing on BH and timing first. Guess I’ve been approaching it from the wrong angle.

How many twists are too few in the string? That’s really the only lever I have left.

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