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Elk hunting in the Selkirk wilderness, W
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Elk whisperer 02-Mar-21
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Thinking about Bowhunting elk in the Selkirks NE Wa. Any idea where to start? Hunted over there a few years ago , I know what I’m up against. Appreciate all info thanks. If someone out there has any ideas would like to hear. 64 years old running out of time, dammed good at calling elk!!!

In 2010, three friends and I did a trip into the Selkirk Wilderness for 10 days on a survival trip where we brought no food. The idea was to shoot an elk and feast, but that did not happen.

We ended up surviving off of berries, trout, grouse, squirrels, and mushrooms. The deer and elk were very scarce, but at least we didn't see any other hunters in the wilderness.

Perhaps you're considering hunting there because it's close? Personally, I think you'll have a better hunt in Southern Idaho.


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My best to date
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My best to date
Pretty awesome area up there, very thick

From: Realwarrior
If you are talking about the Salmo-Priest Wilderness, through my research my take away was that the elk are struggling, but that the grizzly And wolf populations are doing well. The region reports on WDFW may answer your questions.

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