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Here's a Serious question for all of you. How many of you are TECH savvy? How many of you utilize Facebook and Instagram? How about watching hunting, Fishing on YouTube? Who watches hunting shows on platforms like My Hunt Channel and Carbon TV?

From: Pyrannah
Tech savy - i think so

Facebook and instagram - no

Youtube fishing/hunting - no

Dont know my hunt channel or carbon

From: Aces11
Tech savvy - yes

FB and Instagram - Have both don’t go on either very much

Youtube hunting - quite a bit of it

Hunt Channel and Carbon TV - Not even once have I ever been in either

From: GF
I’m just savvy enough to try to stay out of trouble.

No real interest in watching amateur hunting videos, and the “professional” jobs are always really just infomercials for stuff which I have no interest in using...

From: SIP
Tech-not very

IG or FB- dont have either

Youtube for hunting- dont watch a ton of tv but hunting on youtube is 60+ percent

Dont know what those channels are

Thanks for the information guys. We're currently working on a project and need this data.

From: Oryx35
Tech Savy-- yes compared to the average bowsite user, probably average compared to my mid-thirties peers.

Active on FB but not Instagram.

I watch a fair amount of hunting on YouTube.

I've heard of Carbon, but never investigated it or the other one.

From: shakey
Not really to all of them, except the you tube. I like the born and raised guys.I meet them last year on a hunt, they were awesome to BS with and very humble.

From: Bake
Not very techy. Have Instagram and Facebook. Rarely use Facebook. Surf Instagram quite a bit when I’m bored

Not really into hunting shows. Way too much talking. I’d rather watch animals and kill shots. I understand footage is at a premium but I detest watching someone talk.

From: Huntcell
All NOs.

Tech savvy maybe a little. The rest no except a little hunting on YouTube. Never heard of the other two at the end tho. (I’m 28)

From: Matt
No Facebook or IG. If I watch any hunting videos, it is on Youtube.

From: Tilzbow
Fishing with Luiza on YouTube, yeah man! Yes to other YouTube, no to all other questions

From: TD
Tech, yeah, pretty much..... lever learned to code though.....

FB etc. no. Basically no social media, pretty much a hot steaming mess IMO. I think I have a FB page but haven't been there in several years. Did just join Parler right before they were blown out of the water. I understand they're back, but I don't really do much on these things, mostly joined because I wanted to support what they are trying to do.

I do watch a good bit of Youtube. Some hunting. Youtube is changing a good bit too though. Seem to be trying to cut out the independent content creators in favor of Big Corp. I think they are trying to be the next Netflix but I don't think that is working well for them. They'd be better off with the independents. Much more entertaining IMO. Some great info on it. Some not so great. But pretty easy to tell when someone knows what they are doing and when they don't. But yeah.... Youtube and streaming movies are 90% of my viewing these days.

From: ahawkeye
Tech maybe not

Youtube yes a lot

From: DanaC
Doesn't take much 'tech savvy' to watch TV! I'd say it takes more to shut the dam' thing off ;-)

I watch youtube videos a lot, sometimes instructional, mainly just for music and other amusement. Hunting videos - aka 'horn porn'? No thanks. The occasional 'how to shoot better' video, ok.

I use Facebook a lot, both personal and as a tool for our sportsmans' club, plus help with an archery page that lets folks know where the local shoots are every week.

Just enough Tech Savvy to know not to have a FB or Instagram account. Occasionally use YouTube links

I use youtube quite often. More often than not I am repairing something and use the video to get familiar with the job. Often the advice is worth just what you pay for it but it sometimes shows you a better way.

Very little you tube, no for the others.

From: PECO
Tech savyish, but not a geek. I watch some hunting and fishing on youtube. Facebook and mewe yes. Bowstie and leatherwall are th only sites I frequent for hunting. Instagram and twitter, NO.

From: Olink
No, no, no, and no.

From: woodguy65
I do FB but not Instagram. I rarely watch hunting shows, I have watched a few things on youtube (how to video's).

From: Woods Walker
hawkeye X2.

The only thing I do watch on youtube is when I need help/info fixing things in my home (plumbing/electrical, etc). I've saved myself some time and problems by seeing some of them regarding what I was fixing. But for entertainment, no.

From: Paul@thefort
Tech==NO. Hate the stuff on TV. Face and Instagram=NO. YouTube= yes. Other platforms? NO

From: x-man
Sort-of, No No and no

From: Bowboy
Face book and instant gram no

Hunting YouTube

From: t-roy
^^^^Same as Paul@thefort

From: Old Reb
No for FB & IG. You Tube for instructional videos and anything that I find interesting and entertaining.

From: dakotaduner
Tech savy. Probably not Social media. Never tried it You tube has helped me fix many things on my own And I do enjoy watching Randy and a few others. Most hunting tv does not interest me as it used to.

From: Lawdy
Use the computer to send our music tracks back and forth so we can just hit the studio and record. We do a lot of ads and jingles now, so it is handy. Other than that, this is the only social site I am on.

Great feedback guys.

I never used Instagram or Twitter, I deleted FB over 2 years ago when fake news started inundating my feeds while all I had were friends and family, and when I found out China is involved with Google, I deleted that browser along with the Safari Browser, and stopped watching YouTube because they are owned by Google. I guess you could say it’s one way I am taking a stand.

So no more Elktalk podcasts on YouTube or the Jacobson videos, which I do like but until he finds another platform, I’m done. As soon as my phone contract is up, I’m going to an old fashioned land line. I don’t do Netflix or Zulu, I stopped watching the NFL when the NFL players started kneeling for the National Anthem and especially disappointed in Brees for his comments. (F-ing coward). I’m increasingly decreasing my so called reliance on technology and finding out how much money and aggravation it’s actually been costing me.

From: BC
No FB, no Twit.

YouTube hunts sometimes.

From: Dale06
Have never used any of them. And no plans to do so.

From: Djl
Tilzbow :) Yes on tech, FB and IG very little, twitter more but ready to dump twitter and facebook. youtube yes and frndlytv for hunting and fishing shows.

From: greg simon
I' tech savvy enough to be on Bowsite! No on all the rest.

Same as Paul@thefort

From: LINK
Tech savy for 37, not really. Tech savy for the age group on this site, maybe better than most. I never have had facebooger or Twitter. I thought Facebook was sewage when it came out in my college years. I watch YouTube hunting and prefer it to outdoor tv stuff.

I'm on FB and follow a select few things on Instagram. I watch a few hunting shows on YouTube, primarily The Hunting Public and Randy Newberg.

From: 12yards
FB yes Instagram NO YouTube Yes I used to have MOTV, but dropped it.

From: Lost Arra
Zero social media. I watch some cooking and hunting videos from The Meateater on youtube and netflix. That's it. I did watch a how-to video to remove retropharyngeal lymph nodes on an elk.

From: BillyD
Tech savy: yes FB/IG: no YouTube: yes Other video platforms: no

From: KY EyeBow
Yes on YouTube, no on others--social media is a waste of my time

From: TrapperKayak
Tech savvy to apoint, but not on facebook, just Professional LinkedIn for work stuff, rarly ever watch any hunting videos. I do look at youtube but mostly for salmon restkration type stuff. Wild Salmon Center for the work they do to preserve salmon habitat in the Pacific Ring. And RMEF. P&Y, Montana fly fishing little else. I do the rosary on youtube. I try to get educated mainly, not as much enrertained. Relax with youtube music at bedtime.

From: Bob H in NH
Tech savy? Yes, software engineer by career.

The things you list aren't "tech savy", they are so easy and actually hard to avoid. Youtube for example is on pretty much any TV made in the last few years as they are all streaming devices now.

My Dad is FAR from tech savy and he can do all that.

From: No Mercy
Yes-all of the above.

From: Scoot
Moderately tech savy, no to FB and Insta, yes to youtube, and no to the others.

From: Buffalo1
I know how to check and respond to text messages and emails. I know how to block unwanted telephone calls. Does this count ?

From: Gileguy
Not tech savvy, use Facebook for family stuff, no IG, no YouTube videos, no idea what the others are. Don't name the animals on game cameras either. I do like a good book though....

From: ahunter76
Tech savvy, average I guess. I navigate & get around. FB, yes, I have Iowa archery/bowhunters tournament page to let IOWA archers know of Tournaments & archery events around the state + National competitions. Instagram, No. Youtube, no.

From: Blood
I'm 47 and love some tech. I'm on Instagram and love the content there @kcooney10.....also use Youtube on the smartTV and really enjoy how easy it is to find things that way. Have learned a lot on both platforms for archery, fitness, etc.

From: Realwarrior
Tech savvy, I try not to be outside of work. YouTube yes The rest no

From: StickFlicker
I use FB, and I have an Instagram account but never use it. I watch hunting videos on Youtube on a very regular basis. I also watch videos on Carbon TV regularly, but not quite as often as Youtube, and several other hunting channel apps as well on my smart TV.

From: Aspen Ghost
Doesn't use of FB and IG indicate you aren't tech savy?

From: longbeard
Average techy. Yes to FB no to IG YouTube everyday very informative

Tech yes, the rest no

From: DanaC
"Doesn't use of FB and IG indicate you aren't tech savy? "

Depends on your definition, really. I've got an AS in computer science, and I'm just 'savvy' enough that I bought a Mac instead of a Windows computer ;-)

( I *despise* Windows, an opinion I earned using that turdware at work for years. )

I use spreadsheets a lot, and word processing, and all the usual other software (mail, music, video, photo.)

Compared to a website master, CAD designer or machine programmer, not so much savvy.

I still learn a new trick every now and then. Just slower than the average 8-year-old!

From: Pat Lefemine
YouTube only. I am what most would consider tech savvy. I own Bowsite and my career is in cybersecurity.

Most of my fellow cybersecurity and privacy peers never use social media. It has nothing to do with their tech aptitude.

From: yellow eye
No face book, no Instagram. I am on the lap top at work 50 % of the day not so too interested afterward. Even when it come to bowsite and the leatherwall I don't post much, read a lot of posts. Had a terrible time with my 2019 jeep I got in 2020 and all the tech felt it was way too much for my needs. Currently doing search's for a new bow and a saddle so the stuff on youtube was interesting and a big help.

Tech savvy - don't know but I use Autocad for my job. FB yes. Instagram no. I enjoy watching hunting and archery videos on YouTube but I stay away from the big name hunters. I watch the BRO guys, HUSH, ELK101, Brian Call, Midwest Whitetail, THP and several other guys.

From: Inshart
Tech ---- nope

facebook ---- little bit (mostly look at the market place, stuff for sale)

Youtube ---- yup, much more entertaining to watch than the "TV hunters"

Rest ----nope

From: Inshart
Tech ---- nope

facebook ---- little bit (mostly look at the market place, stuff for sale)

Youtube ---- yup, much more entertaining to watch than the "TV hunters"

Rest ----nope

From: Royboy
Techy- not so much. Facebook and Instagram yes. YouTube hunting yes. No cable

From: Buck Watcher
How many of you are TECH savvy? Fairly

How many of you utilize Facebook and Instagram? Never have.

How about watching hunting, Fishing on YouTube? Never have.

Who watches hunting shows on platforms like My Hunt Channel and Carbon TV? Never have/never heard of them.

From: elkmtngear
I'm a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, so, pretty tech savvy. I wouldn't have a job without computers.

I use FB and Instagram "sparingly"

I watch a lot of hunting vids on You Tube

I am not familiar with the other platforms, I don't pay for TV

From: Upstater
I never have been, And never will be a subscriber of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! I hate those platforms with a passion! I do watch some YouTube videos though.

From: Shiras42
Tech savvy - Yes

Facebook - Have an account and post there after a successful hunt. No instagram

Actually some pretty good hunting stuff on YouTube. Cory J, Randy N, Steve R, THP and a few others. Also, lots of good reviews of stuff on Project Farm.

The others, never seen them.

From: buzz mc
Average tech. No Facebook. I have an Instagram account but don't get on it often. If I watch TV, it's hunting and fishing on YouTube. Don't watch other platforms.

Not very tech savvy but enough to get by. Browse FB but seldom post anything personal. Yes to YouTube hunting videos. No to TV hunting shows.

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