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Spypoint TC Review
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MDcrazyman 06-Mar-21
Cornpone 06-Mar-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 06-Mar-21
spike78 06-Mar-21
MDcrazyman 07-Mar-21
From: MDcrazyman
After a long time and reading many reviews I wanted to try a cell trail cam. I have cuddelink system as well but that story is another topic all together. I have messed around with a lot of cameras. I read a lot of reviews on here and other places and lots of hate on spytpoint so I tried to get a tactacam reveal but could not find one so I got a spypoint micro.

When I got it I was a little frustrated that you needed a certain SD card but after watching there video about y I understood. I got the SD card and formatted it and got everything all set up on my phone. I used the free plan for about 3 months and it was great. So my fears of all I read went away and I bought the annual plan.

Everything was working well pic quality was pretty good not HD but pretty good, so i bought another and everything was working pretty well. I then bought a micro solar which is the best in my opinion, you can recharge the battery and the pic quality was really good. I was really happy with one complaint. they can chew up batteries and when the batteries get down to 60% roughly the cam will not send the pics to your phone but will still take pics until 0%.

The rechargeable fixed my battery issue and I bought an extra battery that I would just charge and swap out so that was awesome. I had an issue where my cams stopped sending pics even with new batteries and I was very surprised at how good there customer service was they walked me through resetting cam and then they told me it needed an update which they did on there end and it fixed everything.

On 1 feb of 2021 I had my cameras for 8 months roughly and with in a week they all quit sending pics. I called customer service and the tech worked with me through a lot of stuff and finally he said, we need to replace those cams. They sent me 3 new cams with out receipts and I called so they could update all new cams and transfer plans. They even paid for shipping.

So in a nutshell I am pretty happy with Spypoint, there customer service has always been pretty dam good on my end and there cams worked well and really helped me this season. To me it doesn't matter how good or bad a product can be cause everything can have issues, its what does the company do about it and how is there customer service.

Hope this may help some people.

From: Cornpone
I have eight Link Micro LTE cams and have no complaint. As you know, the number of pics is unlimited for the first month. After that I just use the 100 free pictures/month rather than pay for a plan. Although I haven't had to use their customer service for any problem I have heard from several others that the service is excellent.

I have four still out there but plan to bring them in during the upcoming warm spell next week. As far as battery life, in five months they still say that's with the eight lithium batts/camera. I have them set to transmit 12 times a day...every even hour.

I’ve had some out since September. Still have battery. And I get pics sent every time it takes one.

From: spike78
And now Reveals are available ha

From: MDcrazyman
Rick, awesome post. Your insight is amazing, same with your vocabulary and word choice. Good luck out there, your amazing and the best "none" hunter ever!

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