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KMS - Buffalo At Water
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Ken Moody Safaris 08-Mar-21
Ken Moody Safaris 10-Mar-21

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A bit of footage from Friday of Cape Buffalo on the water at our Limpopo North venue. Lots of cows and calves and a nice up and coming bull can be seen. Thankfully, we’ve had tremendous rains at all of our venues which helps to carry the game through. No hunting last year has resulted in great increases in all game numbers. Can’t wait to get there!


Ken Moody Safaris's embedded Photo
Ken Moody Safaris's embedded Photo
2021 Availability...just opened due to rescheduling. Arrive SA on 22 or 23 August...7 to 10 day safari, buffalo and/or plains game. Only thing open till mid to late September.

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