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Bohning 3" X vane
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Buffalo1 09-Mar-21
Empty Freezer 09-Mar-21
GF 09-Mar-21
Buffalo1 15-Mar-21
From: Buffalo1
Listening for personal experience or knowledge with this vane for hunting arrows. Tks

I'm using them on my Victory micro arrows. I'm shooting a 125 gr IW fixed blade and thought the bigger vane would help control the bigger blade than my mechanicals. So far so good, even at longer ranges in heavy wind. Somebody on Bowsite said the bigger vanes were better for fixed heads. I agree.

From: GF
Drag is steerage; steerage is drag.

I’m kind of partial to feathers myself, and I was using four-inch parabolics even for the few years that I was toying with the compound. Same POI as 3 inch vanes at 45 yards or so, but a lot more forgiving and more than adequate steerage for a Magnus Stinger.

From: Buffalo1
I got a couple of 3" Bohning vanes and fletched them right helical on an Easton Axis (9.8 gr.) shaft. Have a 75 gr HIT insert and lighted nock. Using a 125 gr. Magnus Stinger BH. Arrow set up weights 507 gr total.

Shooting out of a 50# Ritual Elite bow (33").

Arrow flies well at 20 yds and 40 yds. Pleased with the performance.

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