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Black Burlap
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Powder 09-Mar-21
Jaquomo 09-Mar-21
From: Powder
I've got some places that I call from that are big hills/buttes. They don't have a lot of cover on them but I can see for a long distance. What are your thoughts about using black burlap to create a blind to sit behind and also 'look' like a moose from a long distance. I'm not trying to make the burlap look like a moose but since their eyesight isn't the greatest will the black blob be good enough?

From: Jaquomo
Yes. But you can also do the Jim Shockey thing and wear black clothes and hat. When I (finally) draw a Shiras tag in my home unit I'll wear all black and carry a foam moose "paddle" or something similar. I can walk up to them in dark clothes and they just look at me funny.

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