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MT Elk app question
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Scoot 18-Mar-21
Gator 18-Mar-21
Blood 18-Mar-21
Mule Power 18-Mar-21
Scoot 18-Mar-21
LKH 19-Mar-21
From: Scoot
I'm applying to MT for elk with my son. We are applying as a party. I did my application and got a party number. I entered that number in my son's application and it says "no party exists with this number". I've quadruple checked the number and my entering of it and it's correct. Do I need to wait a certain amount of time between my application and his so the system can recognize the number?

From: Gator
Call for a quick answer.

From: Blood
Did you enter Party # or Permit #??

From: Mule Power

From: Scoot
Thanks guys- I called and got the answer. The problem is that you can't apply online for a youth. I had to fill out a paper application and I'll be mailing it in today. No doubt I shoulda just called right away. Oh well, we're all applied and good to go!

On a side note- what an expensive couple days. I applied for my son and me to NM, MT, and ND yesterday and today. Youch! Paying for two of us doubles the cost! Who'da thunk?!?!

From: LKH
Get him a paper route and he can buy his own.

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