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Fish and hunt with boat and cabin ca ?
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ryanrc 18-Mar-21
Chief 419 18-Mar-21
Dagwood 19-Mar-21
Muddyboots 19-Mar-21
From: ryanrc
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good places in Canada, likely Ontario or one of the Western provinces that has vacation packages. I know there are a lot of places where you can get a cabin and a boat and motor for a week on a lake and then perhaps add on a fall bear hunt. I am wanting to take the family up one summer in maybe August to a place that offers a cabin, boat and motor so we can vacation as a family. But then maybe also has an option to pay a little more for myself to go out in the PM and sit at a bait. Does anyone have any places like that that are not too remote and can be driven to?


From: Chief 419
Ryan, I know just the place. PM sent.

From: Dagwood

I’ve stayed here before. This website doesn’t say much about it but Paul also runs bear bait sites, mostly bow hunters. Give him a call.

From: Muddyboots
High Winds Lake in Ontario has what you are after, except I don't know if he does fall bear hunts. Very nice lake with good fishing right at your doorstep.

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