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Rotpax fuel cans
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70lbdraw 20-Mar-21
Grunt-N-Gobble 20-Mar-21
From: 70lbdraw

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Does anyone here use Rotopax fuel cans on their hunting rigs? I finally picked up a quad and now am able to get into the high country a bit easier.

The cans are pricey so I want to get some opinions.

Also, do any of you run Traxx on your ATV/UTV? The rig I just bought included a set. Looking for thoughts on those as well.

Thanks in advance!

I don't have the Rotopax but I do know they are very popular with the SXS & ATV crowd. A buddy of mine use to sell them and if I were to buy an extra fuel tank for my ATV, that'd be the one.

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