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Carter Like Mike release question
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Pyrannah 28-Mar-21
Tilzbow 28-Mar-21
Pyrannah 28-Mar-21
Any one been able to adjust the tension below 1 pound or so? I just bought the Carter and I like it, but it breaks much heavier than my old Scott. I adjusted it at at pro shop but the tension never changed. Best I can tell it is 1.5 lbs or so based in my trigger guage.

From: Pyrannah
Im not sure how low it can go i use it at a much higher tension

Best release i have ever used for sure

From: Tilzbow
I set mine at 3#. The key to a crisp back tension activated release using a static trigger finger for me is the creep adjustment screw on the trigger. If I get that set so there’s minimal creep the weight doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve never tried to get it under 1# so I can’t help your there but that seems like a hair trigger setting that’d be easier to get with a Scott type of release.

If you aren’t already doing so, when adjusting any release be sure to check the release using parachute cord tied to a stout fixed object to make sure it holds before drawing your bow, especially when adjusting the creep setting. I’ve heard from my mouth, face and hand that this is a good idea!

From: Pyrannah
Lol @ tizbow

Been there too

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