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MT elk point app?
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DonVathome 29-Mar-21
pav 29-Mar-21
SBH 29-Mar-21
Rickm 29-Mar-21
Mule Power 29-Mar-21
DonVathome 30-Mar-21
Brotsky 30-Mar-21
Pop-r 30-Mar-21
From: DonVathome
I have never applied for an elk point in MT. Can someone dumb down how to do this? NR

I keep getting forced to pick a unit.....

From: pav
If you only want to buy a preference point (general tag) or bonus point (LE permit), just wait until July 1st and buy then. The window to buy points runs July 1st - September 30th I believe.

From: SBH
Pav is correct.

MT online system is trash. Barely anything makes sense on it. Your in good company on that question Don.

From: Rickm
I called this year to verify our party app was correct. The sight sucks but the person I talked with was terrific. Make the call when in doubt.

From: Mule Power

From: DonVathome
ah thanks! Yes wait for point that was it! I would have been searching for... literally 3 months!

From: Brotsky
I always buy my MT and WY points the same time, helps me not to forget to do it!

From: Pop-r
Only problem with making a call is hoping you get the right person on the phone with the correct information. It can be challenging to say the least.

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