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mainecheesehead 30-Mar-21
BullBuster 30-Mar-21
Kydeer1 30-Mar-21
KHNC 31-Mar-21
has anyone had any interaction, good/bad or otherwise with Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions?

From: BullBuster
I’ve tried emailing and calling him over the last year and never got a reply.

From: Kydeer1
I used him for consulting a few years ago. Real nice guy and no doubt knows a ton, terrible communication though and tough to get a reply/phone call back etc. Once he is on your land he's focused on you though. Once he's gone texting and such for clarification is terrible again. He's super busy, booked out doing, and has a strong on line presence that probably takes up the majority of his time. I enjoyed the design and process, but communication before and after was for sure lacking.

From: KHNC
There is more than enough info on his YouTube channel to never need his in person consultation , in my opinion. I have designed my 66 acre parcel based off of his videos. They are very in depth. He says he is booked up for 2 years in advance. I guess thats why he still includes so much information for free on the channel.

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