Summit Treestands
Colorado unit 76
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From: Bullet
Have enough PP to draw unit 76. Anyone have thoughts or experience with this unit. I hear it’s rugged. We would plan on pack in service or bring our own horses.

From: Elkhntr101
I've cow hunted it a few years and I've had buddies bow hunt it too. There are some places where horses would be nice to extract an elk, but never had I wished I would have a horse to hunt the areas we hunted. The terrain is rugged, but normally you can park strategically where the walk might be a little long but you are not crossing several canyons. I'm about to draw the tag too and horses are not on the menu for me.

From: luckydraw
Hey Bullet - hunted it last year. Had a blast and a great hunt. I hunted mostly the wilderness areas and it felt like I had the mountians all to our selfs. I'll deff talk to you. Pull the trigger and burn them points!

From: luckydraw
saw you were asking about gmu 49 - dont think its a comparison but 15pts might be tough to draw 76 this year - your right on the edge

From: DonVathome
Great hunt. Very high elevation take diamox. Be in GREAT shape.

I'm with you.... I'm never going to draw the top units so I think it's time to burn my 20 points on 76.

From: Pop-r
There's some BIGGO canyons in 76!

From: easeup
search the bowsite here for U76 discussions also

From: Darrell
I plan on being in 76 in 22 or 23. Might be interested in a camp/hunt partner. With my 21 purchase, I will have 16 points. Pretty sure that gets me there in the next few years but it will also depend on some work/family things whether or not I apply next year or wait until 23. I also won't apply until I'm very confident I have enough points as I can't afford tags in multiple states and it would be my luck to draw my impossible to draw NM and 76 in the same year. I'm 55 now and in decent but not great shape. Grew up in NM and have bow elk hunted for 34 years now. (have only missed two or maybe three years) Rather hunt smart than kill myself trying to get to some distant peak, bottomless canyon, etc. I enjoy hunting alone but would also enjoy sharing a camp with someone for safety and camaraderie reasons but don't want to be someone's guide or caller. Would be glad to hunt with a partner for part of the time but need my alone time in the woods as well. I'm not a drinker but won't be offended if partners have a couple now and then as long as it doesn't interfere with hunting/sleeping, etc.

Anyway, if anyone is in a similar boat and wants to talk about possibilities, send me your email on a PM and we can visit.

My usual hunting partner will likely join me for a few days, but he doesn't have any CO points so he will only be there for camp, calling and hopefully to haul out my bull. :)

From: Birdman
I hunted it 8 yrs ago with 2 buddy's , we harvested 3 bulls with the biggest scoring 320. Beautiful area , but not worth 20 yrs of pps. Overrated , It took 11 for non resident when i applied.

From: Drnaln
I plan on applying for 76 in 2022. Probably is overrated but not many other options to use points before old age gets a guy.

From: badbull
I scouted there awhile back and the most recent fire and beetle kill seemed to have changed things some. Don't know if for the better or not. One area that I knew may have burned too hot as the forage had not come back as yet. You may want to get some up to date info on the specific area that you have in mind. There is some great elk country in 76. Good luck.

From: Gil
I hunted it for 15 minutes...

From: Kirk007
I hear its a great early season unit.

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