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Bear ammo
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Dan in Kansas 02-Apr-21
From: Jasper
Bought a Glock 20 10mm for my September Alaska hunt. Looking for ammo recommendations (and prayers for finding it!) Thanks!

From: Steve H.
Underwood, 200 or 220 grain hardcast. Try AmmoSeek dot com

Buffalo bore has 220gr. Hardcast and 190gr. All cooper solid both great bear loads and they have them in stock

From: Jasper
Thanks guys! Sounds like not being a common round will help in this case

From: JL
X2 on the Buffalo Bores. Lead Flat Nose (LFN's) seems to be what I have read as a reliable stopper. I shoot them in my .357.

From: LKH
Read above! Note the solid/hard bullets. You do not want an expanding bullet but rather one that penetrates and will bust bone.

I used to load my .44 mag with Corbon's.

From: spike78
Make damn sure you buy a couple boxes from Buffalo Bore to make sure it feeds well. Different powered loads can make it not feed well due to needing a stronger recoil spring and some guns just don’t feed flat nose well. Should be fine but make sure you run a bunch through it.

From: So467
Jasper if you cannot find any I have some of the Old Norma 200 grain fmj. We can figure out logistics later it is only 8-9 rounds

From: pav
Buffalo Bore 220gr hard cast out of my Glock 20.

From: Buskill
You might find that getting a heavier recoil spring helps with full power loads such a Buffalo Bore stuff.

From: Ok...Russ
Jasper, congrats on the Glock. I've got some Buffalo Bore I can send you if you can't find what you're after. I got 4 boxes when I bought my G20 with each box having 1 or 2 rounds used. So, I have 4 boxes now with 3 or 4 rounds used!

From: Bowboy
What SteveH said. I have the same ammo.

From: Brotsky
I run the same handgun. 200 gr Underwood hard cast is what I load. Pray I never have to use it. Hopefully you can find some. I have 50 rounds but I have 2 hunts in grizz country this year so I might not have any spares.

From: Jasper
For those of you kind gentlemen who have offered thank you! If I can’t find any I’ll hit you up. God bless! John

From: Ron Niziolek
Another vote for Buffalo Bore 220gr.

From: Live2Hunt
Funny, you can buy new guns, just not new ammo. I am going to be starting trap league and at this point, can't buy shotgun shells!!

From: Nick Muche
I can give you some buffalo bore when you get to Fairbanks, but you won't need them... your guide will have a rifle and I'd bet you'll have zero issues requiring bear defense.

From: jingalls
I’ll throw my hat in the ring to help as well. I have plenty to spare. Your going to have a blast. Did it last year, good luck!!!

The Buffalo bore should feed well enough. It’s true the heavier bullet will require less powder for the case. But, it’s altogether true they may very well load the heavy ones with a different powder. And, being a defense load, whatever powder they use will be to pressure specs determined safe for the round.

So, unless you are shooting sub pressure plinking loads for a given round, pressures of any full power load, are likely going to be close no matter the bullet weight. By theory, they should work just fine. lol. I’m betting they do too if you go that route.

Of course, there are lots of lead billet manufactures that make and sell hard cast bullets to reload. As good as anything you can buy loaded. A simple investment of very little money could buy you a Lee dipper set and the kit needed to make your own.

Volume loading is great for stuff like this. You don’t have to weigh your charges. You just have to know which dipper to use. Which, the Lee reloading manual will tell you that. And, they make great rounds of Ammo.

I’ve got an uncle that loads his hunting rifles by the dipper. And, I’ve watched him shoot soda cans at 200-250 yards as consistently as I can with weighed powder charges. Don’t be fooled. For this application, they’d work well.

I could type 59 pages on tips and such. But, if it’s something you want to do yourself, pm me. I’ll walk you through what you need and things that will ensure you get a great load worked up.

Good luck and God Bless

I have the same gun. Have found that I get better accuracy with the Underwood 200 grain hardcast vice the 220 grain. I also purchased a 40 S&W conversion barrel to facilitate a less expensive practice mode. The Underwood ammo makes for a real handfull, so get in as much range time as you can. Dan in Kansas

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