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From: RIT
Just curious what some opinions are from qualified individuals on what the number of trees per acre would make for good select cut. I have been offered a really really good price for 43 trees on 40 acres. The trees in question are concentrated on about 12 acres so we are only talking about 3 or 4 trees per acre. Most are 30”+ in diameter with pretty big canopies for the oak trees. 18 of the trees are black walnut that average about 28” in diameter. I was actually shocked at the offer but do understand that a lot of these trees are veneer quality.

A lot of the seed bank is Ash so also wondering about thoughts on adding diversity once these trees are harvested.

I struggle immensely with cutting down some of the trees but I know it’s better for the health of my wood lot. It’s about 20 years overdue.

From: goyt
6 to 12 trees per acre is often what is taken in a select cut. I would think that the trees are fully mature and should be cut. Do you know how many bdft of each species are being cut? With the size of the trees you have I would not be surprised with a bid of $3/bdft for the walnut and $.80/bdft for the oak. I happen to be looking to sell some timber myself in Ohio. I am in Coshocton County. How about you?

From: Glunker
It is great to get a big offer ffg or your timber, if you haven't done so already I suggest you get 3 more bids or do an auction. Might be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve never seen a select cut with that few trees per acre. But, I’ve never spent a lot of time in country that doesn’t require an extensive effort to build logging roads.

I can’t tell you the average. Too many variables. But, if the price is good, sell them.

With so little harvest, let it run it’s course. You are going to get young succession for a while. In any area you open up the forest floor to sunlight. Which ain’t bad.

I’m sure it’s spread out some. So, let’s it run it’s course.

From: blue spot
I will admit I don't know a thing about walnut except it looks nice next to a rifle or shotgun barrel. How do you know it is a really good offer ? here in Maine and New Hampshire hardwood log prices have increased about $100/MBF in the last year. Some products more. Unless you are involved in the industry you are probably not aware of the most up to date value of timber. Timber is a commodity and the price can go unchanged for some time or rise and fall rapidly. These two states publish the stumpage prices from the previous year. Loggers routinely offer the average price published. Seems reasonable ? Not when they are making that offer on above average timber.

Those sound like big trees based on the diameters. There is no silvicultural definition connected to select cut. It is nothing more than cut some and leave some. Frequently it is just a warm fuzzy name for mining large high value trees with no plan on how that will affect the remainder of the trees left to grow or to regenerate desired species. Perhaps there are additional trees that should also be harvested to keep the rest of your carrots growing well ? Maybe not. Those additional trees may only be worth a small fraction of what the big ones but will improve the growth of other trees. Maybe the remaining trees on the acre being "select cut" are just a bunch of crap. That would be the industry term for low value and undesirable stems. Perhaps every tree on that acre should be cut to better regenerate desirable species. Yes that would make good browse and then cover for deer so long as they don't eat 100% of what you were trying to regenerate/grow. I would not bank on that ash regeneration. The emerald ash borer is likely to the majority of it before it ever reaches maturity. I recommend you contact a forester to advise you on the trees you should harvest and to help you market those trees to your best advantage. Not just any forester, but one acting as a fiduciary agent to the customer. You can find one through the association of consulting foresters. good luck with your land I would not be afraid of having the harvest done during the hunting season. Our deer seem to be attracted to and walk all around an active harvest. Every logger I sell wood to say they see a ridiculous number of deer from the seat of a skidder 12months a year. Many will also confess they have killed some of their biggest deer from the skidder.

From: lensemark73
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From: craigmcalvey
Do it.

From: Jackaroo
I just purchased 200 BF of S4S 8/4 black walnut @ $10 a BF for kitchen counters . I was suprised that it had not gone up in price the last 90 days. Lumber and plywood prices have gone up 40% her in the same timeframe.

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