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First Timer in Africa
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Solo 12-Apr-21
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PREZ 14-Apr-21
pahoyt 14-Apr-21
From: CFMuley
My caribou hunt has been cancelled for the second year in a row, due to covid, so i'm trying to find a replacement option. Africa has never been at the top of my list, but everyone i know that has gone says that it was the trip of a lifetime. It seems like there are some great deals on plains game packages from time to time. Who would you experienced Africa guys recommend for a newbie to Africa that wants to bowhunt, but would also have a rifle hunter with them. I'd like to keep this as affordable as possible, but I'm willing to spend what i need for a good hunt.

From: Highlife
Check out any of the sponsors here on bowsite

From: g5smoke21
Had a great hunt with Limcroma. Would highly recommend them

From: Dale06
I’ve gone with Limcroma in SA twice. They are terrific for bow hunters. I’m not sure if they take rifle hunters, but I believe they do. Contact them to see if they take gunners. I also went to Zimbabwe once with Roslyn safaris. That place was fine also, but logistics to get there are more detailed than SA. And I’m not sure of the current politics/safety issues there. You may know, but almost all SA bow hunting is high fence. And you hunt over water holes and/or bait. So it’s more of a shoot and less of a hunt. That was fine with myself and friend that hunted with me. But some people are not ok with that, especially those who have never gone. You will see numerous species of game and birds, every day. And you should have many shot opportunities. If I can answer any questions, let me know. I’m really glad I went.

From: Quinn @work
Call Neil at Bowhunting Safari Consultants. He will put you with a place that meets your expectations.

From: bowhunt
I’ve been on Bowsite for probably 15 years or so. I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews for Ken Moody.

A buddy and I booked with him in February of 2018 for a June 2019 trip. Throughout that entire time between booking and arriving in Africa he was in contact. My emails or phone calls were answered immediately, or in an extremely timely fashion throughout that entire time.

Talk to him about what your looking for, and he can tell you what to expect. It’s way better to ask the questions ahead of time so everyone is on the same page.

My experience and my friends were top notch. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Ken, his Wife, all the other staff, and the entire trip.

Communicate what you are looking for and he will meet or beat your expectations.

Ken Moody is a retired Army officer so he is very organized and professional.

Be aware that you will be going to a game farm, albeit they will be large game farms, in most cases. Unless you specify that you want an open range hunt that's what you'll be looking at. That being said, when I went we had a very good time and I still enjoy the memories. Unfortunately the outfitter I went with has had his land confiscated by th enlightened South African government and he's out of business. You should also be aware of the C-19 situations as South Africa is a particular hot spot. If you can work that out, you'll have a great opportunity. TMBB

From: t-roy
I would highly recommend Limcroma Safaris as well.

From: GhostBird
Been to SA twice with Ken Moody... can't go wrong with Ken.

From: swatmedic
I would also highly recommend Limcroma Safaris simply because Hannes Els along with most of his PHs are all avid bow hunters themselves. They understand the set ups and details necessary to provide bow hunters with the best chance of success. They will hang stands, move hides, build brush blinds, encourage spot & stalk, and will do just about whatever is necessary to get you shot opportunities. Limcroma also offers convenient logistics, great communication, and beautiful accommodations.

From: Chief 419
Another recommendation for Limcroma Safaris. First class outfit in every way. You won't be disappointed. Good luck and take plenty of pictures.

From: jstephens61
I went with African Barefoot Safaris and had a great hunt. Reon and Elmay couldn’t have been nicer. Reon is a bow hunter, so he knows how to set up the shots. Don’t have another hunt to compare it to, but when I go back, it’ll be with them.

From: Buffalo1
If you are interested in bowhunting, find an outfitter who specializes in bowhunting.

I have talked with many rifle hunting operations who try to persuade you they know how to bowhunt and they don’t.

A quality bowhunting operation will have you 20 yds or less of game.

From: Overland
As Toomanybows Bob said, be aware of what it is you will be doing. All, or at least most hunting in South Africa and Namibia will be high-fenced, game farm hunting. You'll likely be sitting over water holes inside of a fence. Thousands of people do this and enjoy it but coming from the idea of a caribou hunt in the wilds it may be a bit of a surprise.

Many of these high fence hunting properties are really large. Some are not. I'd check with outfitters ahead of time if size is an issue for you. You may also be traveling around to different ranches/farms to get different species as different properties have different animals.

You can hunt true free-range, such as in parts of Tanzania or Zimbabwe, but these can be truly expensive propositions and are not necessarily well suited to bowhunting.

From: Solo
Try Dries Vissar. 50,000 acres of bow hunting only. Great staff ,great accommodations and lots and lots of animals. Very well organized from the blinds to the food, transportation and knowledgeable phs

From: Solo
Try Dries Vissar. 50,000 acres of bow hunting only. Great staff ,great accommodations and lots and lots of animals. Very well organized from the blinds to the food, transportation and knowledgeable phs

There are also free range areas in SA

From: Barty1970
I've hunted twice with Ken Moody; very professional and well organised

From: Habitat
I took my daughter to Limcroma Safaris several years ago and she rifle hunted. I think they use different camps but I would check with them.Don't know how it could be any better.Be careful buying auction hunts.If you decide to go they will be able to give you info on where to stay on way over and travel tips.I wish I would have had my skulls boiled for euro mounts.Sometimes the hides take a beating but we were able to use what came back.

From: geoffp
Choronga Safaris was outstanding for me.

From: PREZ
I hunted with Limcroma with 3 of my buddies....could not have been better. Heading back in a year or 2 for Cape Buffalo with the bow.

From: pahoyt
why did your caribou hunt get cancelled again?

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