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high mountain tripod super light rec?
Mule Deer
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mande62320 06-Apr-21
tkjwonta 06-Apr-21
butcherboy 06-Apr-21
Ermine 06-Apr-21
Matt 06-Apr-21
Predeter 07-Apr-21
Tilzbow 07-Apr-21
BULELK1 11-Apr-21
Brotsky 11-Apr-21
LKH 11-Apr-21
Drnaln 11-Apr-21
From: mande62320
looking for the best high country mule deer tripod for glassing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

From: tkjwonta
I like my Sirui t-025x

From: butcherboy
Expensive but take a look at outdoorsmans. They have a couple of sizes to fit your needs. I have the tall version and use it for standing, sitting in a chair, and sitting on the ground. One of the best equipment investments I ever made.

From: Ermine
Outdoorsman are nice but rather heavy. I use a pro master. It weighs 2 pounds

From: Matt
Like Ermine and stated, Outdoorsmans are nice but pretty heavy. Gitzo is probably the best but expensive. Slik, Sirui, and Promaster are what I would look at.

From: Predeter
I've used the Slik 624cf pro for several years and really like it. Not tall enough if you want something to stand behind though.

Under 3lbs with the Sirui VA-5 head.

From: Tilzbow
I’m not a fan of the Outdoorsmans after owning a couple for several years. They’re a little heavy, the aluminum is noisier than carbon and the levers that lock the legs can easily get dirty and out of adjustment. I do love their tripod head mounted on a Sirui carbon tripod along with their Bino stud and Bino mount.

Vortex has a really nice one.

Good luck, Robb

From: Brotsky
I’ve been packing a Sirui around the past year and love it so far.

From: LKH
Just an aside, get a light weight bag with some way to attach it to the underside of your tripod. When you are going to operate from a fixed location for several hours you can fill it with gravel/rocks and hang it under the tripod for stabilization. Really helps in any wind and one of my tripods has a hook under it for this purpose.

From: Drnaln
I've used a Slik Pro 2 for my back pack tripod for years. I have a larger Bogen & Gitzo tripods for the truck or short hikes to glassing spots. I prefer the lever locks over the twist locks but that's user preference. I ordered an Outdoorsman's tripod years ago when they 1st came out. I sent it back right away because I thought it was way overpriced & better options available.

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