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Stabilizer mounted bipod?
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Jaquomo 06-Apr-21
Indiana35 07-Apr-21
Jaquomo 07-Apr-21
Mule Power 07-Apr-21
From: Jaquomo
Any recommendations for a lightweight stabilized-mounted bipod? The old "Bowstix" are exactly what I'm looking for, but they appear to be out of business. I want something simple to use with Ultimate Predator-Stalker decoys.

From: Indiana35
i'm right there with you, would love to find something like your describing.

From: Jaquomo
Danny Farris told me today that he's designing a set like the Bowstix, and they'll be on the Stalker decoy website later this sumner

From: Mule Power
I made a bipod that attached at the stabilizer hole. Several issues made me scrap the idea.

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