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CO application deadline extended
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Stick & String 08-Apr-21
smarba 08-Apr-21
Huntcell 08-Apr-21
Treeline 08-Apr-21
Zim 08-Apr-21

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Primary draw application deadline extended until Friday, April 9 at 8 p.m. Get your applications in if nothing else to apply for preference points. Preference points are the heart and soul of the CO system and without them, you are seriously impeding you ability to draw a quality unit. Build those points!

From: smarba
Yep I just got the email and was going to start a thread if nobody else had.

So CO overloaded with applications. AZ overloaded with applications. I heard inside rumor NM substantial increase in applications.

How is it nearly every publication claims hunter numbers are going DOWN when nearly everywhere application numbers are going up and draw odds plummeting?!

All I can say is I hope post-COVID all these people go back to their video games or wherever they've been hiding out all this time and things trend back to "normal". It's like that with hiking trailheads, mountain bike trails, campgrounds, whatever...people EVERYWHERE that they historically never frequented!

Good luck all.

From: Huntcell
Deadline Deadline. That use to mean something , now in the digital age not so much.

Back in the day was a mail in deadline ever extended???

From: Treeline
Would love to go back to mail in, with a check for the tag price!

From: Zim

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Keep in mind folks are still trapped in their homes with no deadline in sight. I predict (and of course I could be wrong) things will lift this summer and we'll begin to see a return to the norm. The 7 day trailing average of new cases has dropped 75% since Biden's inauguration, folks aren't going to willingly stay locked up forever. Hurts us regular hunter last season and this season but I don't think it's indicative of the norm - applications have had to seen some significant impact due to COVID.

P.S. I know this data is from the NYT but its in line with other reporting

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