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Cheap 2D elk vitals target?
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elkmtngear 08-Apr-21
ESP 08-Apr-21
KSflatlander 08-Apr-21
I am thinking of making a quick easy elk target from a 4x8 piece of foam. Any ideas on how to trace that? And I am open to better ideas than this. All I really want is a realistic sized vital area to aim at along with a simple 2d view of the the entire elk. I am going to put my target backstop behind this foam.

From: elkmtngear
Just find somebody that has some basic art skills, and have them sketch it from a photograph.

Tell them it needs to be about 34 inches from bottom of brisket to top of shoulder, and they should be able to fill the rest in according to scale.

From: ESP
There is a great YouTube idea on doing exactly what you want. Worth a look

From: KSflatlander
Use a projector. Project an image of an elk from your laptop onto the 4x8 foam and trace the outline and vitals. I did the same thing with a 4x8 sheet of plywood. I just cut out a hole for the vitals and placed a bag target behind the vitals. I covered the vital hole with burlap for color. I made sure the projected image was the same size as a live elk by measuring from nose to tail before I traced the outline. I had my daughter paint it to make it more realistic.

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